Bienvenue Chez Vous

Welcome to your place
The name Chez Vous means "Your Place" in French, and is designed to evoke feelings of comfort.
Joie de vivre
The menu is a mélange of sweet and savory crepes, salads, sandwiches and gelato, served in a Parisian atmosphere of quaint décor, piano music and French-speaking clientele.
We have teamed up with interior design and branding company Private Label  International to create an atmosphere that's as cozy and evocative of Paris as the food.
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WE INVITE YOU TO AN EVENING OF MUSIC AND CONVERSATION WITH THE RICE BROTHERS! Go back in time. We re-created for you the atmosphere of the middle of the 19 th century...when Chopin, Liszt and others great composers were sharing and playing their creations in Parisian Salons Reservations : come in directly at Chez Vous. Entrance fee 40 dollars

Corporate Staff